Reading Stefan Themerson

Context N°16 by Nicholas Wadley There cannot be many philosopher-novelists who started their careers as visual artists. But it was part of Stefan Themerson’s philosophy to defy categories. He made films; he ran a publishing house. As well as his Read on! →

Reading Guide

Context N°11 We asked our academic advisors to name which bookstores in the U.S. have the best backlist of literary fiction, which out-of-print works should be reissued, and which literary websites are most notable. The following lists were compiled from Read on! →

Rayner Heppenstall

Context N°18 by G. J. Buckell Rayner Heppenstall was many things during his lifetime: a poet, journalist, critic, translator, and broadcaster; a Catholic and an agnostic, a revolutionary and a reactionary, a pacifist and a soldier. Above all, he was Read on! →



As innovative and abrasive as the very best of William Burroughs, Ann Quin’s Tripticks offers a scattered account of the narrator’s flight across a surreal American landscape, pursued by his “No. 1 X-wife” and her new lover. This masterpiece of… Read on! →



Three opens with the death of a young woman, identified only as S, possibly a suicide. Following her death, Ruth and Leonard—a middle-aged British couple whose marriage has devolved into pithy and bitter conversations—review the time S… Read on! →



A poetic book of voices, landscapes and the passing of time, Ann Quin’s finely wrought novel reflects the multiple meanings of the very word “passages.” Two characters move through the book—a woman in search of her brother, and her lover (a… Read on! →

Nick Wadley

We are saddened to announce that Nick Wadley died recently. Nick was both an author of and friend to the Press. In his life, Nick was a man who was passionate about his diverse interests. He taught art history at Chelsea Read on! →

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Tom Harris

At times in his life, Tom Harris is a dull schoolboy, an apprentice barber, a delinquent husband, an old man with a monkey who drinks at the Green Man Pub, “il professore Harris” at the University of Genoa, and possibly a murderer. But the question of… Read on! →