Vol. XV, #3 Brigid Brophy / Robert Creeley / Osman Lins

Steven Moore, “Brigid Brophy: An Introduction and Checklist” Chris Hopkins, “The Neglect of Brigid Brophy” Mark Axelrod, “Mozart, Moonshots, and Monkey Business in Brigid Brophy’s Hackenfeller’s Ape“ Patricia Juliana Smith, “Desperately Seeking Susan[na]: Closeted Quests and Mozartean Gender Bending in Read on! →

The Black Mountain Letters

The Black Mountain Letters

In The Black Mountain Letters, poet and scholar Jonathan C. Creasy breathes new life into one of the most important experiments in arts and education ever established in the United States. Through years of research into the life and legacy of Black Mountain College, Creasy has produced a unique book that brings together poems, prose, visual art, and archive material, illuminating the college’s fascinating history while engaging with the work of its most important faculty and alumni, including Josef and Anni Albers, Charles Olson, John Cage, and Robert Creeley. Read on! →

Reading William Carlos Williams

Context N°11 by Linda Wagner-Martin William Carlos Williams might have been surprised to find CONTEXT reprinting sections of his 1923 prose-poem and poem collage, “Spring and All.” Then again, writing for all of us truly common readers, the pure products Read on! →

Reading Douglas Woolf’s Ya! & John-Juan

Context N°12 by Robert Creeley Douglas Woolf was an uncannily reflective person—as though he chose to take his color and shape from the surrounding world rather than to force upon it his own determinations and judgement. However, what he did Read on! →

As I Was Saying . . .

Context N°19 by Anne Burke Yes, well, where were we? Mr. Curtis White has the lead article in the new issue of _Harper_’s. While I would agree—who wouldn’t?—with his analysis of corporate America, I feel compelled to question his “solution,” Read on! →

Interview with Arkadii Dragomoschenko

Context N°20 by Shushan Avagyan Shushan Avagyan: Dust is a collection of essays, quite different from your previous works. How would you describe it? Arkadii Dragomoschenko: To a certain degree, yes, it is kind of different from my former writings, Read on! →

Book Reviews

Context N°21 Shimon Ballas. Outcast. Trans. Ammiel Alcalay and Oz Shelach. City Lights Publishers, 2007. 308 pp. Paper: $13.95. In Outcast Shimon Ballas introduces an old man, a Jew born in Iraq who converted to Islam in the 1930s, reviewing Read on! →