Reading Rikki Ducornet

Context N°22 There are certain writers who are deliberately out of pace with the literary lockstep that characterizes a period, certain writers who instead of going with the flow of the narrative current or trying to hitch a ride on Read on! →


Vol. XVIII, #3 Richard Powers / Rikki Ducornet

Jim Neilson, “Dirtying Our Hands: An Introduction to the Fiction of Richard Powers” Jim Neilson, “An Interview with Richard Powers” James Hurt, “Narrative Powers: Richard Powers as Storyteller” Greg Dawes, “The Storm of Progress: Richard Powers’s Three Farmers“ Joseph Dewey, Read on! →

Silling: A Sadean Mirror

Context N°12 by Rikki Ducornet Sade completed “that most impure tale”—and the words are his—The 120 Days of Sodom—in the Bastille where he was confined for infractions that, if they were outrageous, were not murderous and—unlike civilians in war-time—involved consenting Read on! →

Board and Staff

Peter Dimock New York, New York Rikki Ducornet Port Townsend, Washington Charles B. Harris, Secretary Normal, Illinois Violaine Huisman New York, New York John Kulka, President Boston, Massachusetts Harry Mathews New York, New York; Paris, France; Key West, Florida John Read on! →


The Word “Desire”

The twelve startlingly original stories about erotic situations collected in The Word Desire are the best opportunity yet for adventurous readers to discover the fiction of Rikki Ducornet. Always at ease with the sensuous, perverse and eccentric… Read on! →


Vol. XXVIII, #2 Dalkey Archive Annual 2

Editor’s Note From The Mirror in the Well, by Micheline Aharonian Marcom From Prairie Style, by C.S. Giscombe From Log of the S.S. The Mrs Unguentine, by Stanley Crawford From The Notebooks of Malte Laurids Brigge, by Rainer Maria Rilke Read on! →

Vol. XXIV, #3 William H. Gass

Susan Stewart, “The Bowerbirds” Robert Coover, “On Mrs. Willie Masters” Bradford Morrow, “A Girandole for Mr. Gass” Mary Caponegro “Lookin’ with Gass” Rikki Ducornet “A Dream” Sally Ball “About Reading” Heide Ziegler “Three Encounters with Germany: Goethe, Holderlin, Rilke” Michael Read on! →


Vol. XX, #1 Bradford Morrow

  Jonathan Safran Foer, “The Proximity of Brad to Bradford: A Brief Introduction to the Lifework of Bradford Morrow.” Patrick McGrath, “An Interview with Bradford Morrow.” Bradford Morrow, “From Ariel.” Bradford Morrow (text), Rikki Ducornet (illustrations and calligraphy), “Tale of Read on! →

Vol. XVI, #1 The Future of Fiction

David Foster Wallace, “Quo Vadis—Introduction” Sven Birkerts, “Second Thoughts” Melvin Jules Bukiet, “Crackpot Realism: Fiction for the Forthcoming Millennium” Mary Caponegro, “Impressions of a Paranoid Optimist” Peter Dimock, “Literature as Lyrical Politics” Jonathan Franzen, “I’ll Be Doing More of Same” Read on! →