Vol. XVII, #3 Raymond Queneau / Carole Maso

Mary Campbell-Sposito, “CANIS MAJOR: Introducing Raymond Queneau” Gilbert Sorrentino, “Variations for Raymond Queneau”* Raymond Queneau, “Interviews with Georges Charbonnier—No. 5″ Raymond Queneau, “Technique of the Novel” Raymond Queneau, “From Children of Clay“ Harry Mathews, “Charity Begins at Home” Gilbert Pestureau, Read on! →

Harry Mathews (1930-2017)

  Harry Mathews, the author, poet, and translator, passed away yesterday in Key West, Florida, at the age of eighty-six. He is survived by his two children and his wife, the novelist Marie Chaix. Mathews was born in New York Read on! →

Reading Georges Perec

Context N°11 by Warren Motte Georges Perec is the finest French writer of the twentieth century. There. I’ve wanted to stake that claim, in print, for the last twenty-five years. And it seems to me finally, now, as we listen Read on! →

Reading Guide

Context N°12 We asked our academic advisors to name which literary works all students should read. The following list of their responses is run annually to introduce new readers to the aesthetic tradition that CONTEXT supports. Literary Works All Students Read on! →

Reading Pierre Klossowski

Context N°14 by John Taylor Let’s take Pierre Klossowski (1905-2001) at his word, and read him with his favorite word. He claimed to “fabricate simulacra.” What exactly did the French writer mean? The word “simulacrum” is restricted by English usage Read on! →

Reading Jacques Jouet

Context N°14 by Warren Motte From the perspective of American readers, Jacques Jouet’s writing is one of contemporary French literature’s best-kept secrets. That’s because until very recently none of his books had found their way into English translation—and the fault Read on! →

Reading Patrik Ouredník

Context N°15 by Jonathan Bolton On one of the strangely absurd poems from Patrik Ouredník’s collection If I Don’t Say, we hear of a “friend who is growing in a field by the edge of the woods.” Immobile, “he gesticulates Read on! →

Reading Danielle Collobert

Context N°16 by John Taylor Collobert (1940–78) is the author of five haunting books of prose and prose-like poetry which the Parisian publisher POL has just brought back from oblivion. It is both moving and fitting that Meurtre (Murder, 1964), Read on! →

Interview with Patrik Ouredník

Context N°17 by Céline Bourhis Patrik Ouredník was born in Prague‚ but emigrated to France in 1984‚ where he still lives. He is the author of eight books‚ including fiction‚ essays‚ and poems. He is also the Czech translator of Read on! →