Vol. XXVIII, #3 New Writing on Writing

“The Esthetic Structure of the Sentence,” by William H. Gass “The Subtle Genius of the Novel,” by Olivier Rolin “Absolute Beginners,” by Paul West “The Sutured Subject,” by Gail Scott “Musing,” by Aidan Higgins “Continents Kept Hidden,” by Gert Jonke Read on! →

Vol. XI, #2 Donald Barthelme / Toby Olson

Lance Olsen, “Slumgullions, or Some Notes toward Trying to Introduce Donald Barthelme” Robert Coover, John Barth, Curtis White, Alan Wilde, Stephen Dixon, Janice Eidus, Jonathan Baumbach, Mas’ud Zavarzadeh, Thomas E. Kennedy, Nicholas Delbanco, Russell Banks, Frederick Busch, Clarence Major, Raymond Read on! →



Now finally collected into a single volume, the Sherbrookes trilogy—Possession, Sherbrookes, and Stillness—is Nicholas Delbanco’s most celebrated achievement. Delbanco is revealed as a Henry James for our time: a passionate cataloger of human strength. Read on! →


The Count of Concord

Benjamin Thompson, Count Rumford, was—as Nicholas Delbanco writes—“world famous in his lifetime,” yet now he has been “almost wholly forgotten.” Like Delbanco himself, Sally Ormsby Thompson Robinson—the narrator of this novel and the… Read on! →

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