Vol. VI, #3 Luisa Valenzuela

Books by Luisa Valenzuela Luisa Valenzuela, “‘My Extraordinary Ph.D.’ (from Cat-O-Nine Deaths)” Luisa Valenzuela, “Dangerous Words” Luisa Valenzuela, “Dirty Words” Luisa Valenzuela, “In Search of My Own Backyard” Luisa Valenzuela, “Little Manifesto” Luisa Valenzuela, “from The Motive: A Novel-in-Progress” Evelyn Read on! →

Reading Guide

Context N°13 We asked our academic and bookstore advisors across the country to respond to a number of questions. The following lists were compiled from their responses. BEST LITERARY REVIEW SOURCES Our advisors were asked to name the literary review Read on! →

Helen Lane, 1921 – 2004

Context N°16 by Ronald Christ Helen Lane, who died August 29, 2004, at the age of 83, was the preeminent translator of French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian fiction. Among the long list of authors she translated are Augusto Roa Bastos, Read on! →

An Interview with John O’Brien

The following interview was conducted in-house at two different times, in 2000 and 2004. The purpose of the interview was to provide a very readable documentation of Dalkey Archive Press’s mission and history. It was amended in 2004, and likely Read on! →

Vol. XII, #2 Jose Donoso / Jerome Charyn

Ricardo Gutierrez Mouat, “Jose Donoso: An Introduction and Checklist” Ricardo Gutierrez Mouat, “Beginnings and Returns: An Interview with Jose Donoso” Jose Donoso, “A Small Biography of The Obscene Bird of Night“ Jose Donoso, “Nobody Wears Fedoras Anymore” Marco Antonio de Read on! →


Dark Desires and the Others

Dark Desires is the author’s autobiographical fantasia on the ten years she spent living in New York City. Valenzuela has called this book her “apocryphal autobiography.” Read on! →

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