Louis Paul Boon

Context N°19 by Eric Dickens A little to the west of Brussels lies the Flemish town of Aalst—known for its beer, its carnival, and, strangely enough, for the country’s most important postmodern novelist avant la letter: sometime painter, pornographer, and Read on! →

Interview with Louis Paul Boon

Context N°20 by Joos Florquin JOOS FLORQUIN: Louis Paul Boon, which language are we going to speak? LOUIS PAUL BOON: We’ll do it the way I’m used to: you speak Standard Educated Dutch, and I’ll speak “Aalster” Educated Dutch, and Read on! →

Discovering Louis Paul Boon

Context N°22 One of Dalkey Archive’s key writers, Flemish author Louis Paul Boon (1912–1979), has suffered a near-complete critical neglect in English. The translation of Annie van den Oever’s witty, partisan Life Itself: Louis Paul Boon as Innovator of the Read on! →

From Chapel Road

Context N°13 by Louis Paul Boon Written in the 1950s and first translated into English in the early ‘70s, Chapel Road is a major work of Flemish literature that has been unjustly ignored in this country for its alleged pessimism, Read on! →

from Summer in Termuren

Context N°19 by Louis Paul Boon MARCH WINDS A letter from you to tippetotje: it’s lonely on chapel road, tippetotje, just as your studio must be lonely now that your baron has died . . . it’s lonely here on Read on! →

from Summer in Termuren

Context N°20 by Louis Paul Boon Yes, you’ve got to the point in your ondine-and-oscarke novel—that endless and endlessly accursed novel—where a new hero has appeared in its pages. A strange hero. A little fellow with large bewildered eyes, and Read on! →


My Little War

The great Flemish writer Louis Paul Boon began his life’s work with this extraordinary novel, a story of World War II as seen through the unglamorous, uncourageous, unhistorical eyes of the man on the street. Read on! →