An interview with Joshua Cohen by Shir Alon

Q. We’re anticipating that the publication of this book—a large, sprawling novel written in language that would seem at home among modern and late-modern greats like Joyce or Gaddis—will raise some real questions about our contemporary literary expectations. Some readers Read on! →


On Wing

A great Slovak philosopher-poet Róbert Gál’s work of fiction, On Wing is atomized into hundreds of tiny aphorisms, dreams, anecdotes, and inquiries. Read on! →

Coming up! Gilbert Sorrentino Birthday Tribute

Celebration, reading, and discussion will be followed by birthday refreshments; books by Sorrentino and the featured authors are for sale. Featuring: Mark Chiusano, Joshua Cohen, Don DeLillo, Sam Lipsyte, Christopher Sorrentino, and James Wolcott April 27, 2015, 7.30pm, at Greenlight Read on! →

Translocal Writing from the City of Kafka

Context N°24 David Vichnar I am a Czech publisher/translator/Joyce scholar, and also the current editor of the English version of Czech Literature Portal, which is the chief reason why I met John O’Brien of the Dalkey Archive Press at the Read on! →



On Christmas Eve 1999, all the Jews in the world die in a strange, millennial plague, with the exception of the firstborn males, who are soon adopted by a cabal of powerful people in the American government. Read on! →


Vol. XXXI, #1 The Failure Issue

An issue devoted to failure should be no issue at all. Instead, guest editor Joshua Cohen has failed at failure and assembled an unparalleled group of contributors for this specially themed issue of the Review of Contemporary Fiction. Read on! →


Vol. XXIX , #3 Dalkey Archive Annual 3

  Editor’s Note From Siamese, by Stig Sæterbakken (Translated by Stokes Schwartz) From transcript, by Heimrad Bäcker (Translated by Patrick Greaney & Vincent Kling) From A Philosphy of Evil, by Lars Svendsen (Translated by Kerri A. Pierce) From The Sextine Read on! →

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In Partial Disgrace

The long-awaited final work and magnum opus of one of the United States’s greatest authors, critics, and tastemakers, In Partial Disgrace is a sprawling self-contained trilogy chronicling the troubled history of a small Central European

nation . . . Read on! →