Vol. X, #1 Joseph McElroy

Stanley Elkin, “Joe McElroy Introduction” Joseph McElroy, “Midcourse Corrections” Joseph McElroy, “Canoe Repair” Kathryn Kramer, “Dr. McElroy, Homeopath: What One Goes to Him For” Joseph Tabbi, “‘The Generous Paranoia of Those Who Pursue Themselves': McElroy, Mailer, and Ancient History“ John Read on! →

Reading Guide

Context N°11 We asked our academic advisors to name which bookstores in the U.S. have the best backlist of literary fiction, which out-of-print works should be reissued, and which literary websites are most notable. The following lists were compiled from Read on! →

Vol. VII, #3 Harry Mathews

Harry Mathews, “Self-Portrait (1985)” Harry Mathews, “For Prizewinners” John Ash, “A Conversation with Harry Mathews” Harry Mathews, “From Harry Mathews’s Notebook” John Ashbery, “John Ashbery Interviewing Harry Mathews” Harry Mathews, “Owen and Phoebe: II 1962-1963″ Edmund White, “Their Masks, Their Read on! →


Night Soul and Other Stories

Best known for his complex and beautiful novels—regularly compared to those of Thomas Pynchon, William Gaddis, and Don DeLillo—Joseph McElroy is equally at home in the short story . . . Read on! →


The Case of the Persevering Maltese

A companion to The Human Country: New and Collected Stories, this volume contains all of Harry Mathews’s nonfiction. These astonishing essays cover a wide range of literary topics, including discussion of complex musical forms and Oulipian… Read on! →

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Selected Bibliography

Casebook: The Dick Gibson Show by Stanley Elkin Reviews Avant, J[ohn] A. Library Journal 96: 2008, 1 June 1971. Barrett, Mary Ellin. “Cosmo Reads the New Books.” Cosmopolitan 22 March 1971: 10. Bell, Pearl K. “Slogging through a Sahara.” New Read on! →