A Body of Words

John Barth: A Body of Words

John Barth: A Body of Words is a bit of a chimera: a tripartite hybrid of tributes and reminiscences from friends, colleagues, fellow writers, and former students; a sheaf of cutting-edge scholarly essays; and a triadic conclu- sion comprising a description of the Sheridan Libraries Barth Collection, a rare recording of a 1966 public reading by Barth, and a two-part radio interview with him. At once a Festschrift, an assemblage of academic essays written to honor a colleague, and a liber amico- rum, this volume provides Barth’s critics, students, and fans with an essential vade mecum to his life and works. Read on! →


Vol. X, #2 John Barth / David Markson

John Barth, “Excerpts from The Last Voyage of Somebody the Sailor: a novel in progress” John Barth, “The Spanish Connection” Ilan Stavans, “The Latin American Connection” Lee Lemon, “John Barth and the Common Reader” Steven Weisenburger, “Barth and Black Humor” Read on! →

Vol. XI, #2 Donald Barthelme / Toby Olson

Lance Olsen, “Slumgullions, or Some Notes toward Trying to Introduce Donald Barthelme” Robert Coover, John Barth, Curtis White, Alan Wilde, Stephen Dixon, Janice Eidus, Jonathan Baumbach, Mas’ud Zavarzadeh, Thomas E. Kennedy, Nicholas Delbanco, Russell Banks, Frederick Busch, Clarence Major, Raymond Read on! →

Charlie Harris

We are saddened to report that Charles Harris passed away yesterday. His vision of creating a critical mass in the early 1990’s is what brought Dalkey to Illinois State University, where Curtis White and Cecile Giscombe already were. Soon we Read on! →


The End of the Road

As young Jake Horner’s mind became an increasingly paralyzing cobweb of dark thoughts, he turned for help to an extraordinary doctor―part saint, part evil-genius, a weird combination of faith healer, magician, and devil. And in so doing Jake found himself following a drastic prescription that was to draw him into a strange, compulsive relationship. Read on! →

The Tidewater Tales

The Tidewater Tales

Tell me a story! Katherine Shorter Sherritt Sagamore orders her husband Peter Sagamore—and so lets loose a flood of tales that floats them both past encounteres with their own lives and loves, entanglements with the CIA and toxic waste, and fantastically inventive brushes with some of the greatest characters of all time, including updated versions of Don Quixote, Odysseus, and Scheherazade. Read on! →