Reading Ivan Ângelo’s The Celebration

Context N°19 by Theodore McDermott You can see something of Borges in The Celebration: in the way that the central event of the book—the event that gives it its title—is absent from its pages. You can see something of Cortázar Read on! →

from The Celebration

Context N°19 by Ivan Ângelo Ataíde left the house at seven in the morning and worried about the bus being late. Fernando left at eleven-thirty, angry with life because some notes were falling due. Ataíde had given a warm kiss Read on! →


Tower of Glass

The five interlocking stories in The Tower of Glass create a singular, powerful account of a nation in turmoil—and a prophetic warning about an oppressive government’s need to control not just the society but the mind.

Through symbolism, wry… Read on! →


The Celebration

In the early morning of March 31, 1970 in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, the annual birthday celebration of a prominent and wealthy young artist is taking place, and a train docked in Plaza Station filled with starving, drought-stricken migrant workers… Read on! →

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Context N°19

  • Reading Piotr Szewc’s Annihilation
  • Reading Ivan Ângelo’s The Celebration
  • Reading Wallace Markfield’s To an Early Grave & Teitlebaum’s Window
  • Letter from Bulgaria
  • Letter from Russia

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