Old Man and the bench by Urs Allemann,cover

The Old Man and the Bench

The title character in The Old Man and the Bench has a contract that requires him to write, and he feels he should focus on his past. Yet instead of childhood reminiscences, the old man dwells on a series of mini-narratives about, for example, a love triangle among concrete towers, a chaste visit by two call girls, and the joint-by-joint can­nibalization of his fingers. Read on! →


Since 1984, Dalkey Archive Press has made available to readers the finest works of world literature from the past 100 years. The intention of the Press is to serve as a permanent home for these works, so that they will Read on! →


Vol. XXIX , #3 Dalkey Archive Annual 3

  Editor’s Note From Siamese, by Stig Sæterbakken (Translated by Stokes Schwartz) From transcript, by Heimrad Bäcker (Translated by Patrick Greaney & Vincent Kling) From A Philosphy of Evil, by Lars Svendsen (Translated by Kerri A. Pierce) From The Sextine Read on! →



A disturbing document and a powerful, poetic masterpiece, transcript shows us that the Holocaust was not “unspeakable,” but was an eminently describable and described act… Read on! →

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