Babel and Babylon

Context N°11 by Lindsay Waters “But when the tower fell, and the tongues of men were diversified by various sounds, the whole earth of humans was filled with fragmenting kingdoms.” —Sibylline Oracles 3:105-107 I have a confession to make. I Read on! →

Critical Conditions

Context N°12 by Daniel Green I.The Educated General Reader Among the lighter casualties of the great Internet crash must be counted the possibility of a cyber-based style of literary criticism offered up initially by such web publications as Salon, Slate, Read on! →

The Rise of Market Criticism in the U.S.

Context N°20 by Lindsay Waters The chief paradox Thomas Frank points to in his What’s the Matter with Kansas? How Conservatives Won the Heart of America is that “the people who were once radical are now reactionary.” How can the Read on! →

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