Diglossia and the Linguistic Turn

With Flann O’Brien widely acknowledged as a subversive genius of early postmodernism, Flore Coulouma places the “question of language” at the center of his literary identity. Connecting O’Brien’s philosophy of language to the convoluted structure of his writing, Coulouma demonstrates how bilingualism and an ambiguous relation to language inspired O’Brien’s satirical fiction, while developing narrative oppositions such as orality and literacy, truth and fiction authority and legitimacy, and native and national language(s). Read on! →

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Vol. XXXI, #3 Flann O’Brien: Centenary Essays

Celebrating one hundred years of Flann O’Brien, this issue of The Review of Contemporary Fiction gathers literary appreciations and critical investigations by Aidan Higgins, Thierry Robin, Carlos Villar Flor, Joseph Brooker, and others. Read on! →