Vol. XI, #2 Donald Barthelme / Toby Olson

Lance Olsen, “Slumgullions, or Some Notes toward Trying to Introduce Donald Barthelme” Robert Coover, John Barth, Curtis White, Alan Wilde, Stephen Dixon, Janice Eidus, Jonathan Baumbach, Mas’ud Zavarzadeh, Thomas E. Kennedy, Nicholas Delbanco, Russell Banks, Frederick Busch, Clarence Major, Raymond Read on! →

Critical Conditions

Context N°12 by Daniel Green I.The Educated General Reader Among the lighter casualties of the great Internet crash must be counted the possibility of a cyber-based style of literary criticism offered up initially by such web publications as Salon, Slate, Read on! →

The one marvelous thing

The One Marvelous Thing

Winner of a 2007 American Academy of Arts and Letters, Rikki Ducornet is beloved as a novelist and essayist, but is known perhaps most of all for her work as a writer of short stories. In the tradition of Italo Calvino, Donald Barthelme, and Angela… Read on! →


The King

In The King, a retelling of Le Morte D’Arthur, Donald Barthelme moves the chivalrous Knights of the Round Table to the cruelty of the Second World War. Dunkirk has fallen, Europe is at the breaking point, Ezra Pound and Lord Haw-Haw are… Read on! →