Context N°14 by Anne Burke We here at Dalkey Archive Press were honored to be invited to St. Petersburg this summer to participate in the Summer Literary Seminar writers workshops (see page 24). Very interesting experience. I am not good Read on! →


Vol. XXVII, #1 Dalkey Archive Annual 1

A Short Introduction Wallace Markfield, excerpt from Teitlebaum’s Window Piotr Szewc, excerpt from Annihilation William Eastlake, excerpt from Castle Keep Svetislav Basara, excerpt from Chinese Letter Felipe Alfau, excerpt from Chromos Aidan Higgins, excerpt from Flotsam and Jetsam Gert Jonke, Read on! →

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Pillow Talk in Europe and Other Places

From the author of Billy and Girl, this collection of stories explores the emptiness at the center of the characters’ lives and their attempts to fill this lack. In “Cave Girl” Cass goes through a sex change, not to become a man, but rather to… Read on! →


Context N°14

  • Reading Jacques Jouet
  • Reading Pierre Klossowski
  • Reading Violette Leduc's La Bâtarde
  • Reading Wilson Harris’s The Mask of the Beggar
  • Reading Nicholas Mosley

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Billy and Girl

Darkly comic and more than a little disturbing, Billy and Girl introduces a version of childhood trauma that is completely original and utterly unnerving. Abandoned years ago by their parents, Billy and Girl live alone somewhere in England. Read on! →


La Bâtarde

An obsessive and revealing self-portrait of a remarkable woman humiliated by the circumstances of her birth and by her physical appearance, La Bâtarde relates Violette Leduc’s long search for her own identity through a series of agonizing and… Read on! →