Learning Cyrillic

Learning Cyrillic presents a selection of fiction by Serbian master David Albahari written since his departure from Europe. In these twenty short stories, written and published in their original language over the past twenty years, Albahari addresses immigrant life—the need to Read on! →

Letter from Serbia

Context N°22 If you happen to be passing through Belgrade, Novi Sad, Nis, Kragujevac, Subotica, or any larger city in Serbia, you shouldn’t miss a chance to visit a local bookstore. By looking at bookstore displays—selections that frequently range from Read on! →


Götz and Meyer

A Jewish schoolteacher recounts the story of Wilhelm Götz and Erwin Meyer in the process of researching the deaths of his relatives during World War II. These two SS officers were assigned to drive a hermetically sealed truck in which concentration-camp prisoners were slowly asphyxiated. Soon this knowledge overwhelms day-to-day life, and the teacher comes to see past and present merge in a heartbreaking moment of remembrance. Among the best and most haunting novels about the Holocaust, Götz and Meyer is a masterpiece. Read on! →

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