Vol. V, #1 Claude Simon

Anthony Cheal Pugh, “Interview with Claude Simon: Autobiography, the Novel, Politics” Claude Simon, “Reflections on the Novel: Claude Simon’s Address to the Colloquium on the New Novel, New York University, October 1982″ Ludovic Janvier, “Claude Simon’s Answers to Some Questions Read on! →

Reading Jean Echenoz

Context N°16 by Warren Motte Since the publication of his first novel, Le Méridien de Greenwich (The Greenwich Meridian, 1979), Jean Echenoz’s reputation as a writer has described an ascendant trajectory, much like that of the space shuttle he puts Read on! →

Interview with Patrik Ouredník

Context N°17 by Céline Bourhis Patrik Ouredník was born in Prague‚ but emigrated to France in 1984‚ where he still lives. He is the author of eight books‚ including fiction‚ essays‚ and poems. He is also the Czech translator of Read on! →

Reading Robert Pinget

Context N°20 by John Taylor In his playful and candid book-length interview with Madeleine Renouard (Robert Pinget à la letter, 1993), the author of The Inquisitory (1962) and Monsieur Songe (1982) distinguishes his writing from Alain Robbe-Grillet’s. Pinget (1919-1997) claims Read on! →

Book Reviews

Context N°21 Shimon Ballas. Outcast. Trans. Ammiel Alcalay and Oz Shelach. City Lights Publishers, 2007. 308 pp. Paper: $13.95. In Outcast Shimon Ballas introduces an old man, a Jew born in Iraq who converted to Islam in the 1930s, reviewing Read on! →


The Invitation

This 1987 novel by Nobel Prize-winner Claude Simon is a sardonic look at glasnost Russia, where recent reforms and improvements carry all the conviction of rouge on a corpse. The narrator is one of fifteen international guests who have been invited on… Read on! →

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