Coming up! Gilbert Sorrentino Birthday Tribute

Celebration, reading, and discussion will be followed by birthday refreshments; books by Sorrentino and the featured authors are for sale. Featuring: Mark Chiusano, Joshua Cohen, Don DeLillo, Sam Lipsyte, Christopher Sorrentino, and James Wolcott April 27, 2015, 7.30pm, at Greenlight Read on! →

Vol. XVI, #1 The Future of Fiction

David Foster Wallace, “Quo Vadis—Introduction” Sven Birkerts, “Second Thoughts” Melvin Jules Bukiet, “Crackpot Realism: Fiction for the Forthcoming Millennium” Mary Caponegro, “Impressions of a Paranoid Optimist” Peter Dimock, “Literature as Lyrical Politics” Jonathan Franzen, “I’ll Be Doing More of Same” Read on! →

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Sound on Sound

This inventive first novel deflates the same myths of rock and roll that it glorifies in a vivid exploration of pop culture and the shattered society that emerged from the 1980s.

Hi-Fi, a third-rate New York bar band, plays another in a desultory… Read on! →


Context N°5

  • Reading Stanley Elkin
  • Reading B. S. Johnson
  • Reading Elio Vittorini
  • Reading John Barth
  • From Peri Bathous

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Context N°3

  • Reading Manuel Puig: A Biographer's View
  • Reading Coleman Dowell’s Island People
  • Reading Nathalie Sarraute
  • From Gargantua and Pantagruel Book 2, Chapter 7
  • From the Letters of Claude Debussy

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