Vol. XV, #3 Brigid Brophy / Robert Creeley / Osman Lins

Steven Moore, “Brigid Brophy: An Introduction and Checklist” Chris Hopkins, “The Neglect of Brigid Brophy” Mark Axelrod, “Mozart, Moonshots, and Monkey Business in Brigid Brophy’s Hackenfeller’s Ape“ Patricia Juliana Smith, “Desperately Seeking Susan[na]: Closeted Quests and Mozartean Gender Bending in Read on! →


Prancing Novelist

In these pages–by turns instructive, mischievous, and even gossipy–Brigid Brophy seeks nothing less than a vindication of the eternal liveliness of fiction itself against the persistent rumors that it is dying or dead. Though serious in intent, Prancing Novelist is not only a monument to Firbank, but is also a delightful showcase for Brophy’s own uproarious prose, not to mention her genius for telling good stories. Read on! →

A Conversation with Harry Mathews By John Ash

Part 1 JOHN ASH: I’ve always thought there was an affinity between the opening of Firbank’s “Vainglory” and the opening of “Tlooth.” This is “Vainglory”: “And then, oh yes! Atlanta is getting too pronounced.” She spoke lightly, leaning back a Read on! →


In Transit

Set in an airport (“one of the rare places where twentieth-century design is happy with its own style”), In Transit is a textual labyrinth centering on a contemporary traveler. Waiting for a flight, Evelyn Hillary O’Rooley suffers from… Read on! →

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