The Complete Review reviews MANNEQUIN

“Mannequin is an impressively layered story that captures a variety of characters and voices exceptionally well. Dosing poignancy and sentimentality well, the novel manages to feel very real and grounded, despite all its fantastical invention and Jini’s often almost fairy-tale-like Read on! →

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Ch’oe Yun’s Mannequin is a novel that reflects on the meaning of beauty and its many facets of existence. The beauty of the main character, Jini, is captured through a carefree imagination that describes it as “the music of the wind,” or something that can’t be described in words. Through the beauty that penetrates and captivates us in fleeting moments, the novel leads us to critically reflect on the question of what true beauty is… Read on! →


Re: Quin

Re: Quin is an unabashedly personal and partisan critical biography of one of the greatest and yet most neglected fiction writers of the so-called “experimental” wave of British novelists of the 1960s. Read on! →

What do Women Want?

Context N°11 by Mary E. Papke “Great Great Grandmother Olga Janovitch drew like an angel. She painted brilliant, radical paintings, unpacking the space in a painted room from the center of the picture outward like a Persian miniature, deep yet Read on! →

Rayner Heppenstall

Context N°18 by G. J. Buckell Rayner Heppenstall was many things during his lifetime: a poet, journalist, critic, translator, and broadcaster; a Catholic and an agnostic, a revolutionary and a reactionary, a pacifist and a soldier. Above all, he was Read on! →



As innovative and abrasive as the very best of William Burroughs, Ann Quin’s Tripticks offers a scattered account of the narrator’s flight across a surreal American landscape, pursued by his “No. 1 X-wife” and her new lover. This masterpiece of… Read on! →



Three opens with the death of a young woman, identified only as S, possibly a suicide. Following her death, Ruth and Leonard—a middle-aged British couple whose marriage has devolved into pithy and bitter conversations—review the time S… Read on! →