Letters from Russia

Context N°14 by Dmitry Golynko-Volfson Beginning in 1986, at the peak of perestroika, Gorbachev’s reforms, and the grandiose collapse of the Soviet empire, the so-called “reading boom” erupted in Russia and continued until approximately 1993. The “thick” magazines—those with a Read on! →

Letter from Russia: Contemporary Women’s Prose

Context N°15 by Dmitry Golynko-Volfson Until recently the phenomenon of Russian women’s prose had been unjustly overlooked by both professional writers’ circles and general readers. Even today the term “women’s prose” rarely appears within literary criticism, and Russian women’s books Read on! →

The Inevitability of the Unwritten

Context N°16 Andrei Bitov   I sat down to write the story “Tir” [Shooting Parlor, the original title for Pushkin House. Trans.]. It was the forty-seventh anniversary since the Soviet Union’s creation. The story was based on an anecdote—a true Read on! →


Pushkin House

No other contemporary novel provides such clear insight into the Russian mind and way of life as Andrei Bitov’s Pushkin House. First published in the United States in 1987 and highly praised for its inventiveness, Pushkin House survives… Read on! →

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Context N°16

  • Reading Stefan Themerson
  • Reading Jean Echenoz
  • Reading Danielle Collobert
  • Letter from Peru: Pathways of the New Peruvian Narrative
  • Letter from Russia: Contemporary Émigré Writing

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