Interview with Amanda Michalopoulou

Context N°22 Amanda Michalopoulou was born in Athens in 1966. In Athens, she studied French Literature and then went to Paris to study journalism. In 1993, she entered a short story in Revmata magazine’s literature competition. Since then she has Read on! →


I’d Like

The thirteen short stories that make up Amanda Michalopoulou’s I’d Like read like versions of an unwritten novel: each riveting tale resonates with the others, and yet a sense of their connectedness remains tantalizingly out of grasp. Read on! →

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Context N°22

  • Reading Stanley Crawford's Log of the S.S. The Mrs Unguentine
  • The Making of John Ashbery and James Schuyler’s A Nest of Ninnies
  • Interview with Micheline Aharonian Marcom
  • Reading Rikki Ducornet

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