Swing Troubadour: Roubaud’s Self-Portrait

Casebook: The Great Fire of London by Jacques Roubaud Jean-Jacques Thomas Jacques Roubaud’s The Great Fire of London is a rich, vibrant, varied, and systematically puzzling text that escapes such preestablished categories as genre, mode of reading, and intratextual constraints. Read on! →


Alix’s Journal

A collection of private notebooks kept by Canadian photographer Alix Cleo Roubaud during the last four years of her life, before her death at the age of 31. Read on! →


Vol. XXIX , #3 Dalkey Archive Annual 3

  Editor’s Note From Siamese, by Stig Sæterbakken (Translated by Stokes Schwartz) From transcript, by Heimrad Bäcker (Translated by Patrick Greaney & Vincent Kling) From A Philosphy of Evil, by Lars Svendsen (Translated by Kerri A. Pierce) From The Sextine Read on! →

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The Pact of London

Casebook: The Great Fire of London by Jacques Roubaud David Bellos The Great Fire of London is the story of a disaster transformed by the act and art of its writing into a triumph of another kind. In this general Read on! →


Some Thing Black

In 1983 Jacques Roubaud’s wife Alix Cleo died at the age of 31 of a pulmonary embolism. The grief-stricken author responded with one brief poem (“Nothing”), then fell silent for thirty months.

In subsequent years, Roubaud—poet, novelist… Read on! →